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Pheebs Chicken Pickle - 250 Grams

Pheebs Chicken Pickle - 250 Grams

Pheebs Chicken Pickle - 250 Grams

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Spices & Flavour:
Made with an authentic Andhra recipe and handpicked premium quality spices

Healthy groundnut Oil:
Oil plays an important role in our pickles as it provides a major natural preservative technique.
The oil that tastes good and feels healthy makes the cut. We use premium quality groundnut oil.

No Vinegar Or Added Preservatives:
Vinegar and preservatives are harmful  and we know it. 
Anything that will harm your health is not welcome in our pickles. We use salt, lemon and oil to preserve our pickles. 
Our pickles are to be consumed within 90 days of opening the bottle. The bottles should be stored in the refrigerator

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