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About Us started with group of IT Professionals who love meat before starting we had discussed different customer groups and came up with unique Live order processing system

Until you see with your eyes you will not be satisfied so if you order meat with Pheebs you can watch entire order processing live through our website or App

Fully hygienic environment If you find any Flys bees dust during your order process you will get your order for free all you need to do is take a snapshot of live order processing and send it to

If not fresh we don’t sell it, to stay meat fresh and retain its natural juices we use BANANA leaf packing   If you are not satisfied with meat freshness we will replace your order for more information please contact has meticulously built direct partnership with local farming and fishing communities and strong backward linkages to ensure the meat and fish guaranteeing absolute freshness is your one-stop fresh meat delivery. In here, you get nothing but the freshest meat & seafood, delivered straight to your doorstep. Now you can buy meat online anytime at your convenience. Indulge in our diverse selection: Chicken, Goat, Sheep, Seafood (Fish, Prawns, and Crabs), Spices and Beverages (And curd). All our products are 100% Halal and completely natural and healthy. Once you've experienced Pheebs, you'll never go back to the old way of buying meat and seafood. We made it extra easy for you to have a pleased purchasing of fresh meat and sea food. 



India's first Live order processing

Can this be called something amazing to think of? Now, you can watch your order processing Live and for any reason if you are not happy with quality you can cancel the order. See it with your eyes as we do not compromise anything less to quality meat and sea food.Remember, only quality products like meat and sea food are sold out from our Pheebs

Order Base fresh meat

Can you differentiate between a fresh and a stale meat? Well, there’s no need to think of it if your purchase meat is at our Pheebs. We’ve only got one meat i.e., fresh meat. Based on customer orders Pheebs butcher process order which means there will be no ready meat available. Once we receive order only then we process and pack. You just get the fresh meat and nothing else! Simple, it goes in this way- Ordered, Processed, Packed and Delivered.

Limited Orders

Why we take up limited offers? Pheebs is against to Frozen Meats. Therefore, we accept only 1000 orders per day. We stick to the principle of serving you the meat that has got nutritional value. Deep frozen could lead to health hazards like food poisoning or indigestion. We value your health and it is our first priority of interest.

Pheebs Pre-Orders

Everyday we have lots to do in this busy world. Some tasks are fulfilled while others are forgotten. To create ease to our clients, Pheebs Accept Pre-order based on customer convenient they can place order and select time for delivery. Now you can manage your time wisely and get you meat on timedelivered without any hassles.

Offline orders

We care your time, No more standing in long queues. Customers can place order offline over the PHONE. Our trained support will take the orders and make sure it gets delivered on time. We made it easy for you to provide you the best offline purchase experience.
Available through chat, email, or calls between 6am - 9pm.

If it's not fresh, we won't sell it

To stay meat fresh and retain its natural juices we use BANANA LEAF. We assure that no stale meat is available at our place. We have India's first fresh meat live order processing system. As per the order, the product cleaning process will be done through purified Water and processed to next level. Not fresh we won't sell.


Pheebs stringent FSSAI quality standards. Our retail store is completely air-conditioned and sanitized and is free of flies or germs! We consider these factors that subject to health index. We assure quality check and well maintained hygienic conditions through healthy processing systems. We maintain standards that safeguard the health and hygiene of our customers.